How your Pure Team is keeping

you safe and healthy!

Wear a Mask

Wear your mask when you enter the building! Wait until a Pure Team member takes your temperature and you wash your hands before class or a session. If you’re hanging out in the lobby we ask that you leave your mask on, but when it’s time for class you can drop your belongings off in the cubbies – including your mask!

Social Distancing

We offer private small group training that allows us to personalize your experience while keeping you safe! Classes are capped at 8 participants, you’ll be six feet apart from other guests and be provided your own equipment!

Daily Cleaning

Your Pure Team members are dedicated to providing you with a clean and safe environment during your time with us! Equipment is sanitized after each use and the entire gym is fogged nightly to ensure maximum cleanliness!

Get Moving

Exercise is essential for your well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic. Exercise is especially important now because it can reduce stress, boost the immune system, and improve sleep!