We offer 6 signature classes curated to inspire.

Pure Strength and Movement

Our signature program forged from many disciplines. This is a 4-phase workout that begins with movement prep and core work, then moves to interval training circuits, then strength, and finally targeted muscle group movements, and breathing practice.

Pure Kids

A skill development/ athletic performance program for children ages 5-10. Kids will learn running form, athletic position, jumping mechanics, and body weight strength training exercises. The class is playful, progressive, and fun. Our badge system will help young kids improve their physical confidence and competence and reward them as they progress.

Pure Grit

This class will push you to your limits! This outdoor circuit training class will have you learning to do tire flips, Sledgehammer slams, farmer carries, and other unique functional strength patterns. This class is perfect for those looking for an edge or for military or first responders. 

Pure Wine Down Wednesday

Pure Wine Down Wednesday Yoga is a delectable Yin and Yang of Vinyasa style yoga to build strength and endurance in a series of yoga postures, then WINE-ing down to work on mobility and flexibility with complimentary wine.

Good for your mind, body AND soul, because you deserve it!

Pure Boxing

Pure Boxing will get your heart pumping with circuit style training for a full body strength endurance experience as well as learning mad boxing skills. You will remember the next day that you were here!

Pure Cardio Party

Pure Cardio/Pure Core is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) style using bodyweight exercises that work on coordination and power to engage the core. It’s a great way to set your metabolism on fire!

Burn your way to your best self with high energy and fun music that will keep you motivated… It’s a cardio party!